Shoot and Share Contest 2017

This was the first year I entered the Shoot and Share photo contest. I had no expectations and was proud of myself for even getting it together enough to get my photos submitted on time (the night before the deadline, but nonetheless I was on time lol)

This year there were a whopping 322,768 photos submitted over 25 categories from photographers all over the world and I submitted 50 in various categories. Voting is anonymous and highly addictive! There were 12 rounds and as each round finished more and more photos were eliminated. In the end there are “badges” awarded to the top 30%, 20%, 10%, finalists (top 500 in each category), top 100 and then the top 20 photos in each category get their own special badge with their place standing.

Again, being this my first year I had no exceptions and I’m thrilled to say I had 7 photos place top 30%, 4 in the top 20%, 3 in the top 10% and 1 image made it as a finalist!!! The finalist image placing where it did is almost bittersweet, because I was so close to top 100, don’t get me wrong I’m thrilled, but I was sooooo close!!

Here we go…….

My finalist image placed 133 out of 13,834 photos in the “Just the Bride” category.


Top 10%

placed 879 out of 32,282 in the “Engagement & Couples” category

placed 3201 out of 32,282 in the “Engagement & Couples” category

placed 759 out of 12,359 in the “Maternity” Category


Top 20%


And the 7 images that made it in the top 30% of their categories.



A big thank you to past, present and future clients for allowing me to do what I love! and to my family and friends who support me big hugs and kisses xoxo



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